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We are the representative of the Development and Trade Organization in Turkey (Istanbul) that will help you in expanding your business
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Business center of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the official license of Iran Export Development Organization in Turkey
As a reliable highway to enter the markets of Turkey and Europe and to raise the trade balance between the two countries, Iran's commercial center in Turkey is ready to serve economic actors to facilitate and develop exports with a target of up to 30 billion dollars in Istanbul, Turkey.
As one of the most prosperous economies in the Middle East and full of promising growth and development opportunities, Turkey attracts investors and businessmen from all over the world to its market.
The Iranian Trade Center in Turkey was established with the aim of creating effective channels in providing commercial services to exporters, in order to support the process of exporting Iranian products.
Cooperation and foundation and creation of advantages and identification of suitable capacities in the production sector

Export of export-oriented goods and services

Facilitating and supporting role in the progress and acceleration of the business development process between the two countries

The possibility of supplying high-quality products to other countries, especially Turkey, and the presence of economic activists in world markets

The path of entering Iranian products into Turkish commercial centers and the boom in the sale of Iranian products

In addition to introducing the Turkish market, Iranian investors, businessmen, firms and commercial companies can quickly establish themselves in the Turkish and European markets and speed up the process of their commercial and economic cooperation through this center.
Providing information about the latest economic indicators and trends, commercial laws and regulations, including monetary and banking laws, insurance, tax affairs, legal services, company registration, and informing about existing commercial opportunities, holding commercial exhibitions, assisting exporters in the phase Various trade exchanges and finally helping merchants to identify their products to the target markets, along with promoting and improving Iranian products, are among the other services of Iran's commercial center in Turkey.
Finally, Iran's commercial center in Turkey, by creating platforms for cooperation to identify suitable capacities in the production and export of export-oriented goods and services, plays its facilitating and supporting role in order to accelerate and progress the development and trade process between the two countries of Iran and It shows Turkey and in addition to the common methods of supporting the factory, it serves a larger society consisting of various manufacturing, industrial, agricultural, service, knowledge-based companies and start-up companies using new technology tools.

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Marketing and creating new opportunities Holding B2B meetings with international economic actors Using the capacities of free zones to expand export markets Attracting foreign exchange earnings from Iran's export of goods and services to target markets Introducing Iran to attract foreign investors and participants Reducing marketing, tax, customs, transportation and accommodation costs in the target countries Access to raw materials and machines needed by the country's industries at affordable prices Preventing destructive competition and parallel activities of the country's organizations Empowering business networks Development of non-oil exports Helping to solve disputes and commercial disputes that happened in the center by the selected legal and arbitration committee Company registration, holding commercial events and accepting the dispatch of business delegations and market research International business consulting and development Transfer of exporters' export funds Depot of export goods of traders and merchants in the place

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این خدمات شامل امور مهاجرتی، مسائل مربوط به پناهندگی، آموزش، بهداشت و درمان، و خدمات اجتماعی می‌شوند.

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